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Martin Kaess and his Team are highly experienced tradesmen that are dedicated to providing his customers with the best quality product and 100% satisfaction.

Martin is a second generation tiler that understands what his clients want and specialises in all areas of residential, commercial, bathroom renovations, indoor and outdoor tiling, waterproofing, tile supply and design. Covering all types of tiling from the upmarket large format tiles to your more traditional designs.

Martin has developed a great reputation in Townsville delivering expert workmanship and producing a high quality finished product with Marble, Granite, Natural Stone, Porcelain, Ceramic and Mosaic tiles.

We are your tiling professionals


We service the Townsville area and its surrounds

Owner/Director Martin Kaess
ABN 19150892774
BSA License No 1192310
Fully insured
Quality assurance
O H & S Compliant
Work completed to BSA Standards

Customer Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

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'No matter the project size or type we have the skills and the tools required to exceed your expectations'

Address: 118 Bundock St, North Ward
Phone: 0439 397 742
E-mail: kaess.tiles@hotmail.com